Ultra Test Booster

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Ultra Test Booster

I take it with other minor supplements; gingko, ginseng, and omega 3's. Just as an overall men's health regiment. I'm 39 now and I have noticed a slight drop in my energy levels. There could be multiple factors there but just in case I started supplementing while going to the gym to ensure better T levels. I like it and will continue my schedule with it.

Sam R.


Helped me shed extra weight and water before competing, definitely made a difference even though i was already lean.

Aarav M.


I started using BeLinda to help my metabolism in conjunction with going to the gym and only a few weeks after I started I've already lost 8 pounds. If this product didn't work for me than I wouldn't leave a review like this but it does so if you're considering a dietary supplement this is what I would consider a tried and true product you should consider purchasing.

Cindy B.


I rarely, if ever write reviews but I'm pretty sure this is my favorite fat burner and I've shopped around! No jittery or nausea feelings and the end of my workout I can really power thru compared to when I don't take them. I only need to take one capsule as well.

Phillip M.

Ultra Power

If you are in the market for a consistently potent pre-workout to add more intensity to your workouts, this is the product. After continually using this product for an average of 6 days per week, Ultra Power continues to provide that extra boost needed to get you out of the door and into the gym.

Antoni L.