Fatburners Myth or Fact?

3 natural fat burning ingredients

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult.

Many products are advertised to aid weight loss without evidence supporting them.

Natural fat burners are supplements that make weight loss a lot easier because some are proven to help the body lose weight and burn more fat by increasing metabolism.

Green tea extract

Green tea is one of the most commonly consumed teas in the world.

Green tea extract is its concentrated form, with just one capsule containing the same amount of active ingredients as an average cup of green tea.

What are the benefits of green tea extract?

Helps with weight loss

Green tea extract is rich in antioxidants called catechins, and it contains a decent amount of caffeine.

Interestingly, it seems that this combination of ingredients is responsible for its weight loss properties.

Both catechins and caffeine have been shown to assist in weight loss by regulating the hormones that can enhance thermogenesis.

What is thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the process by which your body burns calories to digest food and produce heat.

Green tea has been shown to boost this process by making your body more effective at burning calories, which can lead to weight loss.

In one study 14 people took a capsule containing a mixture of caffeine, EGCG (a type of catechin) from green tea and guarana extract before each meal. It then examined the effect on calorie burning.

It found that the participants burned 179 more calories, on average, in the following 24 hours.

Benefits exercise performance and recovery

Green tea extract seems to be helpful in exercise, whether it’s by improving exercise performance or enhancing recovery.

While exercise has many health benefits, it’s known to produce oxidative stress and damage cells in the body.

Fortunately, antioxidants like green tea catechins can reduce cellular damage and delay muscle fatigue.

In fact, a study in 35 men showed that green tea extract combined with strength training for four weeks enhanced the body’s antioxidant protection.

Additionally, 16 sprinters who took green tea extract for four weeks demonstrated increased protection against oxidative stress produced by repeated sprint bouts.

Dosage per day

The recommended dose is 250–500 mg a day and it is best taken with food.

The bottom line

Many studies have shown that green tea extract can promote weight loss and exercise recovery.

Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans that haven’t been roasted.

Coffee beans contain a unique antioxidant known as chlorogenic acids. That is the substance that produces its weight loss effects.

Benefits of chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid prevents fat absorption and boosts fat metabolism in the liver, thereby aiding weight loss.

Apart from improving fat metabolism, chlorogenic acid also normalizes the obesity-related hormones.

Finally, chlorogenic acid also helps in weight loss by decreasing the absorption of sugar and keeping insulin spikes in check.

Benefits of green coffee beans

We all need an extra boost. Green coffee bean extract helps to increase your metabolism and burn fat. 

There have been several human studies on green coffee bean extract. One of them included 30 overweight individuals and went on for 12 weeks.

There were two groups, the one consumed regular instant coffee, while the other consumed instant coffee enriched with 200 mg of green coffee bean extract.

The group taking the instant coffee with green coffee bean extract lost 11.9 pounds while the group taking plain instant coffee lost only 3.7 pounds.

Body fat percentage also went down by 3.6% in the green coffee extract group, compared to 0.7% in the other group.

Dosage per day

Depending on the concentration of chlorogenic acid in your supplement, this can range from a dosage of 240-3000 mg of green coffee bean extract per day.

A common recommendation is one serving, 30 minutes before each meal.

The bottom line

So, it is clear from all the mechanisms mentioned that green coffee bean extract targets the root causes of weight gain and can therefore lead to significant weight loss.

Raspberry ketones

Among the most popular products advertised to lose weight is a supplement called raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives red raspberries their powerful aroma.

The molecular structure of ketones is very similar to two other fat-burning compounds, capsaicin, which is found in chili pepper, and the hormone norepinephrine.

What are the benefits of raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones cause the fat within cells to be broken down more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster.

In studies of fat cells in mice, raspberry ketones increased levels of adiponectin, a hormone that is released by fat cells and helps to regulate metabolism.

People with normal weight have much higher levels of adiponectin than those who are overweight. Levels of this hormone increase when people lose weight.

Studies demonstrate that people with low adiponectin levels are at a higher risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and heart disease.

Therefore, it seems that raising adiponectin levels could help people lose weight and lower the risk of many diseases.

Dosage per day

The recommend dose is 100–400 mg, 1–2 times per day.

The bottom line

Several natural supplements, such as green tea extract, green coffee beans and raspberry ketones have been proven to help you burn more fat.

These supplements promote weight loss by increasing metabolism.

In addition to weight loss, green tea extract helps to improve sports performance and recovery.

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