CLA: The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Many individuals, both men, and women, who are trying to lose weight are constantly trying to find ways to make their lives easier. After all, it is not easy to drop the pounds when most of us have very busy lives involving children, work, study, and everything that comes with being alive in the 21st century. Most people simply feel that they do not have enough time to focus their efforts and energy on trying to look better and feel healthier. 
Luckily, advancements in recent technology and advanced studies into weight-loss and health has led to many useful tools (in the form of supplements) that anyone can incorporate into their daily regimens. The idea is simple: combine these supplements with your daily exercise and health regiments and you might find the very best ways to lose weight. 
The most widely used and popular supplement is known as CLA (short for conjugated linoleic acid) and is said to speed the weight-loss process and offer multiple health benefits to people, including controlling a form of diabetes. 
But does it really work?
CLA: Natural Weight Loss Supplement
CLA is a natural Omega-6 fatty acid that is found in meat and dairy, which is promoted to speed weight-loss and offers health benefits. While many health and fitness fanatics swear that Omega-6 fatty acids are harmful, such as in the case of trans fat that is found in fast foods and hydrogenated vegetable oils, the specific CLA fatty acid does not share the same properties. In fact, this is naturally found in animal meat and also in dairy and as such is ingested by the majority of people on a daily basis. 
This form of CLA is clearly a “natural” form of fatty acid, although it is important to note that the CLA found in the supplements are scientifically altered vegetable oils to produce similar effects. 
Still, how does this aid the fat-loss process? Does it actually work?
Some recent studies have shown that in fact ingesting CLA supplements aid with the overall decrease in body fat levels in a variety of ways. Firstly, CLA supplements were found to reduce appetite- a key first benefit that many will find immediately helpful. This way, people taking the supplement will feel less hunger and will not reach for typical weight-gaining foods such as cookies, desserts, and high-carb or high-fat meals to satisfy their hunger. A more controlled hunger means smaller portions and possibly healthier choices to fulfill a more reasonable craving. 
Perhaps more importantly, CLA has been shown to encourage fat-loss and even aid in muscle tissue growth in an individual, when paired with a weight-training or fitness schedule. While
these results are only minimal, this can possibly be something to look out for as more studies are published on this supplement. 
Still, taking into account almost ALL studies on this supplement, the idea that CLA can promote fat-loss is still inconclusiveness. Studies have shown that CLA has no effect at all, while other studies have indicated that this supplement promotes fat-loss and controls obesity in a positive manner. Its uses as fat-burner pills are still up for consideration, although it is important to remember that the only way to benefit greatly from this supplement is down to your own regimens. 
Overall, it is safe to assume that there is no harm in taking this supplement to aid your fitness and diet regimen will only serve to do more good than harm. This means that it may be safe to take CLA, in controlled dosages between a minimum of 3g and a maximum of 6g per day, as a natural weight loss supplement to aid your regimen and not to act as a magic pill. Simply taking CLA without doing your diligence in exercising and eating healthy will most likely have little to no effect on most people. And the majority of studies do in fact agree with this. 
But what about CLA and the other health benefits linked to controlling diabetes?
CLA and Type-2 Diabetes: Greater use of Fat-Burner Pills?
Since CLA is found in animal meat and dairy, it can be assumed that it can indeed have some health benefits in individuals who consume CLA naturally over the long-term. It is found, that naturally, these individuals who consume CLA are at a lower risk of diseases including Type 2 Diabetes. This is simply because CLA has shown to assist with metabolic rate and insulin regulation, ultimately giving an individual more control over their own Type 2 diabetes. This is very reasonable since milk and meat have been shown to have tremendous benefits for individuals who consume them in relation to their diseases. 
Overall, supplementing with CLA can have positive effects on lowering the risk of getting Type-2 diabetes while also assisting with insulin regulation in individuals who have type-2 diabetes. 

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